Introducing Palladium - A New Precious Metal

History of Palladium: A Precious Metal from the God’s
Palladium is a precious silvery-white metal that was discovered by William Hyde Wallaston in 1803. Wallaston chose to name his find after one of the huge news-stories of the day that dealt with the exciting discovery of the new planet Pallas. This new planet was announced as very important to our solar system; the name Pallas ties to the very important Greek goddess named Athena whose name is associated with the weaving of fabrics, societies, and worlds together as one. 

Palladium: Traditions, Myths, and Ideologies 

The planet Pallas is known as the asteroid Pallas today, one of the largest asteroids to frequent our solar system. In some cultures, the precious metal Palladium is currently thought to protect the wearer from outside growths that might cause harms to the family, the body, or to important business interests. The Greek goddess Athena was not a feminine goddess; Palladium is also thought to inspire unions with confident members that will work against all odds to reach their goals together. For single females, Palladium is rumored to invoke desires towards traditional feminine modesty and abstinence. 

Palladium: As Used in Jewelry

Palladium [Pd] is a rare brilliant silvery-white metal that is most often used as a desirable substitute for the white gold rhodium plating process that many people are allergic to. The rare metal Palladium was originally discovered within the same ore as Platinum and these two precious metals hold many of the same qualities. Palladium holds about the same density-weight as silver, making it lighter than Platinum, but still very sturdy when used in jewelry production. 

Palladium is a strong metal that will remain beautiful in rings that are worn daily. During the early 1930’s this precious metal became popular among the elite as an alternative choice in jewelry material. During World War Two, Platinum was used strictly for war efforts, and Palladium jewelry became very popular in jewelry styles that were normally reserved for Platinum. Today, there are many examples of beautiful Palladium rings from these earlier times that are still very striking in appearance. 

Palladium Jewelry as an Investment Opportunity

As an investment opportunity, some believe strongly that Palladium jewelry will increase in value over time at a higher rate than gold. As an example: During the year 2006, 81 million ounces of gold was mined globally against only 7 million ounces of Palladium. With China currently purchasing Palladium jewelry at an extremely rapid pace, and this precious metal wearing a thin futures market position in finance, Palladium desirability and prices could increase rapidly as others notice that this metal is much rarer than gold. 

Palladium Jewelry Hallmark News
In the UK, hallmarks are used on precious metals to assure consumers that the item is made from high-quality materials. To match the increase in demand for rare precious metal Palladium jewelry, it was announced in July 2009 that Palladium now has its own unique hallmark stamp that will become a mandatory part of UK Palladium jewelry on January 1, 2010. This unique symbol will guarantee consumers that their Palladium jewelry is of top-quality and value.